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NLC Vision

To enable the college to acquire qualitative and value-based learning, in law studies, by blending creativity, curiosity and communication, with an aim to bring about a desirable socio- economic transformation of the nation and the world.

NLC Mission

The Mission Statement of New Law College seeks to translate the Vision into reality by steadfast harnessing of its rich physical and human resources for its endeavor towards ‘Student’ as the focal point in the following ways:

  1. Delivering a High Content Curriculum: To maintain quality and rigour in a curriculum which is market oriented and contemporary with an industry academia interface and the requisite skill sets.
  2. Value Based Learning: To inculcate a sense of ethics, human values and social responsibility leading to highest integrity and commitment to society.
  3. Creativity: To impress an amalgamation of self and participative learning through innovative pedagogy tools and peer learning to hone analytical skills.
  4. Curiosity: To encourage openness, independent thinking, questioning, reflection and learning together
  5. Communication:To instill divergent thinking and experimentation, embrace differences and build confidence.
  6. Holistic Development: To sculpt students into balanced and well renowned individuals - to be a right fit in the fast changing world
  7. Socio Economic Transformation: To impart a quality education that can transform the lives of the underprivileged and ignite the hope of a resplendent Nation and world



To Strive continually for the enhancement of the quality of education imparted by us

To Keep in our mind always the ethical context of education particularly of law education

To make effort toward the overall development of our students personality and introduce him /her to the area of creativity both within and beyond the boundaries of legal studies.

To implant an attitude of patriotism and social responsibility in the minds of students.


The symbol of New Law College

  1. A ship on voyage through the deep seas symbolizes commerce and communication
  2. An open book revealing its treasure of learning to its reader symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.
  3. A sun rising on the horizon symbolizes enlightenment and hope.
  4. A hammer clasped firmly in a clenched fist symbolizes dignity of labour and practical skills.

Modern Education Society

Modern Education Society was established in 1932, with motto “FOR THE SPREAD OF LIGHT”. It is registered under Act No. XXI of 1860 on 17th February, 1932 and under the Bombay Public Trusts Act of 1950 [No. F.29 (Pune)] on 28th October, 1952

In 1932, Principal V. K. Joag, an eminent Educationist and his colleagues founded the Modern Education Society, Poona, with the generous assistance of the Sir Cusrow Wadia and the Sir Ness Wadia and other public-spirited citizens in the cities of Poona, Bombay and elsewhere.

He wholeheartedly devoted himself to the establishment and progress of the Society and its Institutions. Even when he was fatally ill, he continued incessantly to work for the total progress of the Society and its Institutions. He was Principal of the Society's Wadia College from 1938 to 1950.

MES, is entirely teachers managed institution and runs various colleges keeping not with any commercial interest in mind but keeping at centre point interest of the students in particular and education in general. Today it has a legacy of 80+ years.

MES has 7 institutes in various campuses in Pune and Mumbai. Each institute offers wealth of learning opportunities and has an independent presence to label it as an ideal place for learning that would serve as an essential stepping stone to a fulfilling life and career. Institute attracts a large number of overseas students too when it comes to excellent academic and physical environment conducive to learning coupled with sports & co curricular activities; a reason enough to make it most sought -after academic destination

MES Vision

We are committed to creating and sustaining an environment for aspiring youngsters to experience and explore educational journey that’s intellectually rewarding and transformative; benchmark beyond emulation. Our endeavour is to evolve and improve into a worthwhile tomorrow. Our vision is our action and task, our mission.

MES Mission

We strive to work for holistic development of students and staff by imbibing value system and transparent work culture conducive to learning. We strive to carry forward the legacy of Wadia family and deliver world-class education at affordable costs with a mandate to generate, preserve, share knowledge for developing vibrant society

    President's Desk

    Sir Nusli Wadia

    Nusli Wadia is an Indian billionaire businessman and entrepreneur and the chairman of the Wadia Group, an Indian conglomerate involved in the FMCG, textiles and real estate industries

    Secretary's Desk

    Mr. Ness Wadia

    Ness Nusli Wadia is an Indian businessman. Mr. Ness Wadia is the managing director of Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, a company which has holdings in most of the Wadia Group subsidiaries, including an indirect majority stake in Britannia Industries.


    Dr. Ashok Chandak
    Secretary - Management Representative

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    Roots of New Law College

    New Law College, Mumbai was founded by The Modern Education Society.

    The Modern Education Society was founded in Pune on 15th February, 1932 by a group of eminent educationists led by Principal V. K. Joag along with Principal K. R. Kanitkar and Principal K. M. Khadye.

    The members of this group were brought up the traditions set by stalwarts like Hon’ble Justice Mahadeo Govind Ranade, Lawyer Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Social Reformer Gopal Ganesh Agarkar and others who looked upon education as a powerful means of social awakening and socio-economic transformation.

    To them education / teaching was not a mere profession but a sacred mission; not a means of earning a living but the way of life itself. They were inspired with the sprit of service and had taken an oath to devote all their energies to the cause of education (‘For the Spread of Light’- the motto of the Society) as life-workers of the Society.


    The Founders of New Law College

    The Modern Education Society’s New Law College was founded in Bombay on 10th June 1954 on the advice of Hon’ble Justice Mr. P. B. Gajendragadkar (afterwards the 7th Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India), Advocate Mr. B. N. Gokhale (afterwards Hon’ble Judge of the High Court of Bombay), Mahamahopadhaya Dr. P. V. Kane, Principal S. G. Chitale of Government Law College and few others legal luminaries and educationists in the town.

    New Law College has the unique distinction of being the first Private Law College and also the Second Law College Setup under the University of Mumbai.

    New Law College was fortunate to have the services of Principal S. G. Chitale, Principal D. R. Kothare and Principal Dr. P. W. Rege as heads of the Institute in its formative years and was also very lucky to have eminent Professors on its teaching staff;

    Eminent Professors of New Law College

    1. Prof Y. V. Chandrachud (afterwards 16th Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud)-
    2. Prof S. P. Kurdukar (afterwards 89th Judge Supreme Court, CJ Punjab & Haryana High Court, Acting Governor of Punjab)
    3. Prof Ram Jethmalani (afterwards India’s Union Minister of Law and Justice, Chairman of the Indian Bar Council and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association)
    4. Prof S. K. Desai (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Mr. S. K. Desai, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    5. Prof M. V. Paranjape (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Mr. M. V. Paranjape, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    6. Prof M. C. Choudhary (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Mr. M. C. Choudhary, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    7. Prof S. B. Bhasme (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Mr. S. B. Bhasme, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    8. Prof M. P. Kanade (afterwards 204. Hon’ble Shri Justice Mr. M. P. Kanade, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    9. Prof M. L. Pendse (afterwards 209. Hon’ble Shri Justice Mr. M. L. Pendse, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    10. Prof Arvind Sawant (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Mr. Arvind Sawant, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    11. Prof Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    12. Prof A. S. Aguiar (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Mr. A. S. Aguiar, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)
    13. Prof V. M. Kanade (afterwards Hon’ble Justice Mr. V. M. Kanade, Judge of the High Court of Bombay)

    About College

    New Law College was established in the year 1954 with the permission from the State Government and is permanently affiliated to University of Mumbai;

    We are also recognized by the University Grants Commission, under Section 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956.

    We are governed by the rules and regulations of the UGC and the Universities Act in the matter of Assessment and Accreditation as per the UGC guidelines as approved by the Ministry of HRD, Govt of India

    We are also permanently recognized college by Bar Council of India, under Advocates Act, 1961

    We being an aided institution we charge fees, affordable to the students coming from humble background, as per the rules and regulations and as fixed by the authorities under the Universities Act. We receive only salary grant. We manage non-salary expenses out of the fees fixed by the authorities.

    Since inception of the college, all the Principals, teachers and staff of the college have strived very hard to give quality legal education, upholding the principles of morality and ethics.

    Many of the luminaries like Hon’ble Justice Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud, Hon’ble Justice Mr. S. P. Kurdukar, Hon’ble Justice Mr. S. K. Desai, Hon’ble Justice Mr. M. V. Paranjape, Hon’ble Justice M. C. Choudhary, Hon’ble Justice Mr. S. B. Bhasme, Hon’ble Justice M. P. Kanade, Hon’ble Justice Mr. M. L. Pendse, Hon’ble Justice Sawant, Hon’ble Justice Radhakrishnan, Hon’ble Justice Aguiar, Hon’ble Justice V. M. Kanade amongst many of others were in the past Professors of New Law College. Few of them were also teaching LLM Course in Department of Law, University of Mumbai.

    Also, amongst others Justice Ganoo, Justice V. M. Kanade, Justice N. H. Patil, Justice Abhay Oka, Justice (Mrs) Baldota, Justice Dhavale, Justice Ketkar, Justice Gupte, Justice Jamdar, Justice S. P. Tavade, were our illustrious students.

    Besides, our Alumni have served out country as Governors and Acting Governors of various states including Maharashtra State. Leaders of Lok Sabha, Union Ministers, Chief Minister, MP and MLA, Corporators. Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries to Government of Maharashtra. Vice Chancellor, Chairman/Member of Board of Studies, Head of Law Department, University of Mumbai. Principal of Various Law Colleges, Academicians. Actors, Actresses, Producers, Directors.

    Today many of the young lawyers in Bombay High Court are students of the New Law College. Some of them have established themselves remarkably well and are working as Govt. pleaders.

    During the years, students of New Law College have performed very well in the L.L.B. and L.L.M. exams. Quite a number of them have been awarded gold medals for their outstanding performance at the university examinations. The students of New Law College are also making their mark in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as debates, discussions, Moot-Courts and sports.

    The college is blessed to have a number of able advocates who contribute their industrial experience as the visiting faculty of the law.

    What the dignitaries visiting New Law College says...

    1. ‘It was a great pleasure and honour to be here; and a fascinating experience to talk to the students of a college where I had a brief stint as a teacher.’ -Hon’ble Justice Shri Y. V. Chandrachud, 6th Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India
    2. ‘It was a pleasure to visit this fine institution.’ -Hon’ble Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India Shri A. M. Ahmadi
    3. ‘My visit to the college has been a memorable one. It was also a fascinating experience to talk to them. I wish them all success in life.’ -Hon’ble Justice Shri Manoj Kumar Mukherjee, Chief Justice Bombay High Court (afterword's Hon'ble Justice Supreme Court of India)
    4. ‘It was a memorable function on legal Aid, on Consumer Protection and Family Court. It was very well organized.’ -Hon’ble Minister Shri H. R. Bhardwaj, Union Minister of State for Law and Judiciary
    5. ‘I am very happy to be back in the college where I have spent some of the happiest moments of my life. I wish all the best to all young student and pray that they succeed in life.’ -Hon’ble Justice Mr. M. L. Pendse
    6. ‘The progress of New Law College in the field of legal education, legal Aid & extracurricular activities is superb. I congratulate Principal and the team of professors and students for their achievements.’ -Hon’ble Justice Shri D. R. Dhanuka, High Court Bombay
    7. ‘It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to visit this college today. I got an opportunity to share some of my thoughts with trainee police officer in a legal aid camp.’ -Hon’ble Justice Mr. H. H. Kantharia, High Court, Bombay
    8. ‘It is a delight to be associated with the professors and students of this college, who always thrives for dynamic innovations and activism.’ -Hon’ble Justice Shri M. S. Rane
    9. ‘Visit to a law college is always like home coming. Wish the institution well.’-Hon’ble Justice Shri Hosbert Suresh
    10. ‘Memorable and excellent function.’ -Hon’ble Justice Shri S. M. Jhunjunwala
    11. ‘Good show, all round!!!’ -Hon’ble Justice Shri B. N. Srikrishna
    12. ‘A most pleasurable and rewarding experience to visit the Centre of training and to meet the Gurus and Shishyas.’ -Hon’ble Justice Shri M. F. Saldhana, Bombay High Court.
    13. ‘Excellent seminar on subject which is near and dear to my heart.’ -Hon’ble Minister Shri Ramrao Adik, Finance Minister, Government of Maharashtra.
    14. ‘It was a thrilling experience meeting staff and students of New Law College. This college is almost training college for Judges and Lawyers. God bless and good luck!’ -Mr. Nari H. Gursahani, Sr. Advocate
    15. ‘It was a great pleasure to be with a very dynamic college.’ -Mr. Gabriel Pillai, Adv Supreme Court
    16. ‘The seminar on drug awareness has been a good learning experience; thanks to New Law College.’ -Mr. Hemant Karkare, Dy. C. P. Zone-V
    17. ‘या संस्थेला अभिप्रायाची गरज नाही. ती स्वयंभू आहे. शैक्षणिक क्षेत्रात आपले अनन्य साधारण असे स्थान आहे. मला संस्था बघून आनंद झाला. माझ्या अनंत सुभेच्छा’ -श्री. चंद्रशेखर धर्माधिकारी, मा. न्यायमूर्ती

    Learning Environment of the College

    The inner passion of the staff of the college has always been to make the best use of its resources to promote a congenial learning environment for its students. The teachers are known for experimenting with a variety of teaching innovations, which supplement the usual lecture method. The activities of non-teachers are equally learning- centered.

    Induction Programme

    Wide Range of Electives



    Principal's Message

    Dr. Shivani Shelar

    Principal's Message

    Dear Students,

    I am pleased to welcome you all to the Modern Education Society’s New Law College. Ours is one of the leading institutions imparting three years LL.B course.

    The college has a humble legacy spanning 68 years of quality education, achievements and growth. It has contributed to the nation, the alumni who have excelled in various fields. NLC has a unique distinction of being the first Private College and second Law College to be established in Bombay.

    The College is blessed to have a green campus and it is located in Mahim and is well connected to road and railway network.

    Various eminent personalities and dignitaries visit the college Campus and interact, enrich the minds of the staff and students of New Law College

    The college encourages students to participate in various Co-curricular activities (Court visits, visit to Judicial Academy, Solicitor-firm Visit, Police Station Visits, Legal Literacy and Legal Aid Camps, Study tour, Lecture series on Court Crafts, Self-Awareness, Public Speaking, Moot Court)

    Extra -Curricular Activities (Student Council, Debaters Club, Workshop on Personality Development, Slogan and Posters making Competition, Youth Parliament, Model United Nations)

    Cultural Activities (Cultural Days in the College, Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Friendship Day, Traditional Day, Teachers Day, Dramatics, One Act Play Competition, College Picnic, College Annual Day)

    Sports Activities (Inter Collegiate Sports: Foot Ball, Cricket, Chess, College Sports Day)

    Good luck for your bright and challenging career!

    Dr. Shelar Shivani Shashikant,

    In charge Principal

    Board Person Name
    Board Person Name

    Legal Aid Programme

    The Legal Aid Activities of the New Law College Centre are threefold

    Spreading Legal Literacy

    Participation in Lok Adalat and

    Offering Legal Aid and assistance to the needy persons

    To spread legal literacy, NLC has been conducting: Seminars on Family Laws, Women and Laws, Drug Awareness, problems faced by senior citizens. Legal Aid Workshops (for police officers as part of legal orientation in social legislation, Anti dowry programme) Legal Aid Camps in slums. Legal literacy programs for Primary and Secondary Teachers. Symposium on various topics like the Atrocities on married women. Felicitation Women Activist

    The Legal Aid Clinic is kept open in the College Campus on every Saturday between 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Any aggrieved and needy person are given Legal Assistance free of cost.

    Law Faculty

    Board Person Name
    Dr. Shivani Shelar

    IC Principal


    Board Person Name
    Mr. Revannath Garje

    Assistant Professor


    Board Person Name
    Mr. Sanket Maindarkar

    Assistant Professor


    Board Person Name
    Ms. Shakuntala Gite

    Assistant Professor


    Board Person Name
    Mr. Ajinkya Barke

    Assistant Professor


    Board Person Name
    Mr. Madhura Pitre

    Assistant Professor



    Late Prin. Rege Moot Court Competition

    Late Prin. Dr. Rege was a legendary figure in the field of law.

    Dr. P. W. Rege was an erudite scholar and one of the best academicians in legal education.

    He was the youngest person to become a Principal of any Law College in India.

    He was the Dean of the Faculty of Law of Mumbai University and contributed immensely to the development of legal education in India.

    His lectures, presentations and opinions were highly commended not only by his students, fellow Professors but eminent jurists and judges alike all over India.

    His articles, Papers and books were referred not only by the students but also by the Courts while delivering judgments.

    His book on the Negotiable Instruments Act is a legal classic.

    Dr. Rege perhaps is the only author who has not only analysed the judgments on the subject but has also shown the intellectual honesty to criticize the judgments where necessary.

    Although Dr. Rege is no more in this world, his light still continues to guide his students even to this day.

    College Women Development Committee

    In addition to the Internal Inquiry Committee, the College constitutes ‘College Women Development Cell’

    Sr. NoNameDesigantionCell No
    1Dr. Shivani ShelarEx-Officio President
    2Mrs. Mrunmayi RanadeConvener
    3Mr. Revannath GarjeAssistant Professor
    4Mr. A. A KaziAssistant Professor
    5Adv. Ashraf ShaikhNGO representative
    6Mrs. Dipti MoreOne women member from Non-Teaching staff
    7Ms. Bhakti ChavanWomen’s representative from amongst the students3rdLLB
    8Mr. Rajendra TawadeMale Representative of Students3rd LLB

    College Women Development Committee


    1. To prevent sexual harassment and to promote the general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff,
    2. To provide appropriate working conditions and to ensure that there is no hostile environment towards women and that no women employee has reasonable ground to believe that she is disadvantaged in connection with her employment,
    3. To create social awareness about the problems of women and in particular regarding gender discrimination
    4. To establish committees at the college level and seeking the participation of both male and female students for promoting Gender Equality,
    5. To provide assistance and measures for taking preventive steps in the matter of gender discrimination and sexual harassment,
    6. To encourage participation of NGOs working in the area of women’s development in the activities of cell,
    7. To organize seminars and workshops for the creation of general awareness and orientation of students, teachers and non-teaching staff.

    Co Curricular Activities

    Extra Curricular Activities

    Cultural Activities

    College Annul Day