About Library

Established in 1954, the college library primarily caters to the needs of students and staff members of M.E.S.’s New Law College. The library has always strived hard to keep its collection up-to-date and relevant in order to fulfill the academic needs of students and faculty both. Apart from standard text books and bare acts, the library has rich collection of commentaries, treatises, reference books, digests, law reports, journals and bound volumes of periodicals pertaining to law and allied subjects. Its digital collection includes couple of online and DVD based databases. Library’s house-keeping functions have been automated with SOUL 2.0 software, a product of INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar, an autonomous inter-University centre of UGC. Though working with limited staff members, the library has always supported the academic pursuit of students. The services offered by the library range from the basic book lending to personalized reference services for research aspirants. It has also served for long time guest members and the student community beyond the four walls of the college.

Library Committee members

Dr. Shivani Shelar
I/C Principal

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Mrs. Mrunmayi Ranade

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Mr. Revannath Garje
Assistant Professor

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Mr. Shashikant Shelar

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Mr. Nitin K Patil

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Mr. Avinash Das

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Aims and Objectives

To strengthen the efforts of the librarian in planning library activities and policies. To take the feedback and plan for improvement and enrichment of the library. To act as a liaison between the library and the readers.

Powers and Functions:

The library committee ensures that proper care is taken with regard to the following. Allocation of funds for books and journals in various subjects. Framing and suggesting amendments to library code of conduct. Assessment of the library services provided by the library, if necessary. Suggesting improvements in library services.

    Library Membership is provided to:

    1. Bona Fide Students of LL.B. Course and Ex Students
    2. Faculty members and the Non-Teaching Staff of the College
    3. Staff Members of Sister Institute in the Campus
    4. Guest members
    Library Collection
    1Text books and general reading books8165
    2Reference books3630
    4Back Volumes of Law reports and other Periodicals3544
    5Law Reports and Journal Titles subscribed14
    6Other Periodical Titles subscribed2
    7Electronic databases4
    8Past Question Papers
    9Moot Court Memorials

    List of Law Reports and other Periodicals Subscribed


    1. Lending of library material
    2. Reference Service
    3. Referral Service
    4. Bibliographical Services
    5. Current Awareness Service
    6. Indexing of Journal Articles

    Best Practices

    1. Guidance is provided to F.Y.LL.B. students on ‘How to search Case Law’ along with library orientation.
    2. Multiple books, law reports and reference works borrowing facility is provided to student participants representing the college in various Moot Court and other academic competitions

    Library Facilities

    1. Book Bank
    2. Reading Hall
    3. Free Internet


    9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on all working days. Library remains closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

    Email Address


    SR. No.Staff NameDesignation
    1Mrs. Mrunmayi RanadeLibrarian
    2Mrs. Dipti MoreLibrary Attendant
    3Library Attendant
    4Library Attendant


    Library Orientation Programme:

    Every year library organizes an Orientation Programme for the First Year LL.B. students to introduce them to library’s resources and services. They are also guided on searching of case-law using various law reports and digests.

    Library Exhibition

    It has become a tradition for New Law College Library to organize a Book Exhibition to showcase the rich collection of the library and to promote reading and research activities among the students. Usually the exhibition is organized in the month of March with lot of zeal and zest. Students actively participate in the organization of the exhibition making it a successful event of the library.

    Library Rules & Regulations

    1. One book at a time is given for a week on Home Reading Card.
    2. Current Reading Card is to be used to read in the library reading hall various reference works, periodical current issues, bound volumes and other material available for current reading.
    3. Overnight facility: During examination period students can borrow one book in the evening on Current Reading Card to be returned on next day morning.
    4. Students participating in Moot Court Competitions get more than one book at a time for reference.
    5. Charges for late return of library material: Rs.10/- per day for Home Reading and Rs.30/- per day for Current Reading material.
    6. The students must refrain from disturbing other readers in the library. Smoking and eating is strictly prohibited in the library.
    7. Students should maintain complete silence in the reading hall. They should switch off their cell phones or keep them on silent mode and refrain from cell phone conversation in the reading hall.
    8. Students should not bring their precious belongings to the library. If such things are lost, the library will not be responsible for it.
    9. The student should immediately inform the Librarian any loss, damage of book borrowed by him/her on the library card.
    10. Students should contact the Librarian to solve their grievances. They should not argue with the staff on duty.
    11. Any matter not covered by these rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal and the Librarian.
    12. Violation of these rules will be subjected to fine.
    13. Fine will be calculated after the due date.
    14. Books are re-issued only if there are no claims or reservations.
    15. If there is loss of borrower’s card, it should be reported to Chief Librarian.


    Mrs. Mrunmayi Ranade
    B.Sc., M.A., M.L.I.Sc., LL.B.


    She has more than 20 years of professional experience of law librarianship. She has completed her Masters of Library and Information Science with first rank from S.N.D.T. Women’s University Library and LL.B. from University of Mumbai. She is actively involved in various curricular and extra-curricular activities of the college.