New Law College Alumni meeting on the Society Foundation Day.

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Mission Statement:

The purpose of the APCC is to help students meet the challenges of campus and personal life, to help them identify personal, academic and career goals using different techniques and skills. The service is available to both students and faculty.

    Counselling facilitates guidance in the domain of Academics:

    1. Language and Communication
    2. Poor Attitude/ Motivation


    Choice and Goal setting

      Personal and social development

      The APCC works at both individual and group level through individual counselling sessions and interactive workshops.

      1. Developing Social Skills
      2. Managing Emotions
      3. Building Self-Esteem
      4. Adjustment to Loss and Abandonment

      Workshops and presentations are available in the following skills

      1. Study Skills
      2. Stress Management
      3. Time Management
      4. Problem Solving
      5. Building Self-esteem

      Counselling Services Hours:

      1. Days : Monday, Wednesday and Friday
      2. Timing :
      3. Counselling Faculty :